Teaching languages

Speaking several languages has always been a blessing for me, allowing me to meet fascinating people and to share culture, literature and music with them.

I will never forget that dinner, at my friend Rodrigo's grand-mother's, in Patagonia. She was living in a tin house, built by her father, in Punta Arenas. The house was very simple and you could tell at a glance that money was not easy for her. She nevertheless bought half a sheep to cook for us as it was the local specialty. We sat around the table for an amazing meal, delighted by all the stories told by my friend's uncle, a truck driver in Tierra del Fuego. He had lived so many incredible adventures in this very wild part of the world...

This is the moment that made me appreciate being able to speak a foreign language.

Therefore, I started to value this treasure and started to teach languages to kids and adults so that they could have such experiences.

I teach French (beginners to advanced), Spanish and English.

I have had students from the USA, Ireland, Romania, Chile, England and France.

It is always a pleasure for me to find the perfect and specially tailored way of teaching to every student. I use different methods, techniques and media to help them to progress at their own pace with the subjects that they are interested in.

I can do classes on Skype, Whatsapp or directly on the phone if you prefer.

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Siân Charnley, former French teacher, Bristol, UK

I am a former French teacher. A long time ago, when Cecile was our lodger, she occasionally reduced her rent by spending an hour in the pub conversing in French. She manages to recreate that informal 'ambiance' now, when we meet over the phone to improve my French conversation. Cecile has a lively mind and is an excellent conversationalist, who brings sparkle to even the dullest of lock-down days. Her spoken French is clear and well-enunciated; and she has a wide vocabulary in varying registers.  She has an unsurpassed ability to keep a conversation going and to put you at your ease.

Niamh Gallagher St-Catharines-College.jp

Niamh Gallagher, historian and lecturer at Cambridge's University, UK

I have been putting off learning French properly for years because of dreaded memories from school consisting of never-ending grammar, verb conjugations, and other rule-driven things that are the least fun part of learning a language. Cecile has a different approach. She focuses on what interests you and gives you vocabulary to say the things you want to say. She interweaves important conventions about grammar, tenses, and other things into the subject matter so that it remains of interest to you. She is also very motivational. If you sign up with her, you will be sure to emerge more confident and capable in your speaking abilities. Highly recommend.