I am a tour guide, a language teacher and a musician. What is the link in between all of this ? SHARING

I love sharing my passion of history and French culture. 

I love sharing my skills in Chilean Spanish and French and English to kids or adults, so that doors of foreign cultures, literature, music are open to them! 

I love playing music and singing to share feelings, emotions, joy, dance or memories with the audience and my fellow musicians.


My experience

I was born in a tiny village of 1000 inhabitants in the center of France. I used to play soccer in the local team there, like my dad and my brother. And we would always volunteer to participate in local balls, parties, games.

After focusing on sciences in high school, I entered university to graduate in Musicology and Civilizations of the Renaissance, and then took a master's degree in management of cultural heritage.

I love learning and experiencing various work. Therefore, after university (2004) I worked in three different areas: developing public cultural policies for local governments (France), curating temporary exhibitions and archives in museums (United Kingdom, Chile and France) and tourism (guiding or producing travels, in Chile and France).

I am an official and certified tour guide in France since 2012.

At the same time, since 2012, I shared my passion for foreign languagues by teaching French, Spanish and English to kids and adults, from beginners to advanced.

I have been learning Brazilian Portuguese since 2014 and now feel comfortable  enough with it to guide many Brazilians around.

As I said, I am also a musician. I play the Irish Flute (wooden keyless transverse flute), the transverse metal flute, the guitar, the mandolin, a bit of charango and I sing. My repertoire includes traditional Irish music, choro (Brazil), folk music from Argentina, Chile and USA. And every Christmas, my vocal quartet goes carol-singing!

In my free time, I like reading, hiking and cooking. I also have a show on a local radio about protest songs and their history around the world.

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